Getting started

Yihui Xie {Example} [Tutorial, blogdown, Hugo]

There are two ways to get started with this theme, depending on whether you use R or Hugo.

R users

If you use R, the easiest way to get started is to install the blogdown package, and create a new site with this theme:

blogdown::new_site(theme = 'yihui/hugo-paged')

Or you can create a new RStudio blogdown project (if you use RStudio) with the yihui/hugo-paged theme.

Hugo users

  1. Create a new Hugo site with hugo new.
  2. Download this theme from Github and unzip it to the themes/hugo-paged directory.
  3. Move all content of the exampleSite directory in this theme to the root directory of the new site.
  4. Run hugo server and start playing with the new site.